Friday, May 18, 2007

Blogging: the "Dear Diary" of today

Okay, I've done it...I didn't think I would ever be a "blogger", but here I am. I wonder how many people have started their first blog with that same statement. But guys, I ask you, what is the difference in this and keeping a diary? Is this more manly because we know how to use the technology. Honestly though, I've grown to love some individual blogs of people that I respect a great deal. Pastors, speakers, authors, friends, etc. The concept seems weird to me. That anyone would care enough to read my random thoughts...and I warn you, they will at times be extremely random.
My plan is to use this as an outlet to elaborate and expound on the dreams that I have for my family, my ministry, and my life in Christ. But, there will also be times of trial and hardship, that's part of living this life. I know beyond a shadow of doubt that God has big things in store for us. I also know that it promises to be a wild ride.
So, to anyone out there that is interested in riding along...come on...take notes if you think it will help. I'm going to continue Living The Dream!